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Who We Are

We have had enough difficulties of late to bring us down… Yet we refuse to allow these to keep our spirits dampened. Our rivers have burst their banks and our oceans are a mess. Perhaps each and everyone one of us can make a small effort to change the tide.

Meet AdoptaBeach, a group of us locals committing to making our beaches happy again. Our aim is to get many small groups together to clean the beaches. Simple. We are committed to the major beach-going areas between umdloti River and the Durban Harbour. Once a month there will be multiple collection sites to choose from and along with our pro teams on the ground, we’re asking for you to come along and join us. Every pair of hands, no matter the age, You Matter.

Of course, we will supply the bags and try to supply coffee. Hat and sunblock are not included. Bring your stoke.

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Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and we will drop pins for you to find us! Alternatively, search for banners on the beach fronts – we believe in you!


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