ADreach\Masakhe Media river rangers

This team of 5 river rangers situated at the uMngeni River Mouth have been operating here since June 2019.

Proudly sponsored by ADreach and Masakhe Media.

This project is at the ‘end of the line’ and deals mainly with solid waste that comes down the river catchment and lands up in the Beachwood Mangroves and on the beach at the river mouth.

The team works 4 days a week and always with a smile.

The never ending, mainly, plastic waste is separated into recyclables and diverted from landfill.

We are grateful to eThekweni Solid Waste for collecting the non-recyclables.

Our collaboration with groups such as Green Corridors, Umgeni Estuary Conservancy, Ezemvelo and WESSA help us overcome challenges and ensure the sustainability of our involvement here.

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