How you can help

The river starts at home

There are so many different ways to get involved with a cause you care about! This could be volunteering your time, donating resources, supporting a specific cause or simply creating positive changes in your area!

    Donate now
    Every amount helps!

    We can match any amount to a worthy team or need.

    Donate to a cause or towards something on our wishlist

    Why not choose from our wishlist?

    Every river and team assigned there is unique – so too are their needs.

    Get your hands dirty

    Follow our social media channels for information about upcoming events and clean-ups that you can assist with.

    Bring your family, co-workers and friends.

    Make a difference at ground-level.

    The river starts at home

    Decisions you make in your own home can have a significant impact on the environment, our water and our own carbon footprint.

    What are you adding to the water cycle?

    Harmful chemicals and cleaning agents require more chemicals to treat at Waste Water Treatment Works.

    By choosing natural alternatives in your own home you can alleviate the pressure to treat the waste before its returned into our rivers and dams.

    Our partnership with Nu-Eco sets about to educate and offer an alternative.

    We are working in both rural and urban settings to help change a mindset.

    Refuse then recycle
    As consumers, you have the real power to lobby change.

    Refuse the plastic bag. Why we still have them around I don’t know – there are so many alternatives.

    Demand better packaging. Fruit and Vegetables don’t need to be wrapped in single-use plastic.

    Separate your recycling at home. This waste is someone’s wealth.

    Cardboard, Cans, Glass and some plastic (like cooldrink and milk bottles) are easily recyclable – but you need to ensure this gets to a reputable recycler or informal waste collector who will earn an income, even just a little each day.

    Donation Values

    EVERY cent counts – big or small, any donation at all.
    YOU can make a difference.
    HELP create jobs.
    PROTECT our water, because our lives depend on it.

    Donate to us

    Please use the following details to donate to us,  EFT details can be emailed to  or click on the ‘Donate Now’ button below to be redirected to a secure donate payment gateway.

      Banking Details:
      Adopt a River Eco Solutions NPC
      First National Bank
      Cheque Account
      Branch Code – 220426
      Account Number – 6287 4031 695


      Please see all the ways you can assist us by donating to our cause!

        • Cash donations towards wages – extra team members – high rainfall periods
        • Mass clean up support – costs involve transport, team members, PPE, machinery
        • Photography\Videography of work done
        • Ecoli and other water sampling requirements
        • Bicycles for team members – means we can get to work and hotspots faster
        • Community recycling initiatives
        • Community Intervention  – recycling, waste management solutions
        • Disposable nappy awareness campaign
        • Pit toilet and septic tank education and eco alternatives
        • Schools Outreach Program, includes recycling
        • Vehicle – to accommodate labour & waste
        • Capacity Building\Skills Development for team members – river ecology, safety, driving course, financial management
        • Beach ‘waste wagons’ – need our bagged waste to get wheeled away rather than dragged to final destination
        • Trailer suitable for recycling waste
        • Motorised Boat – uMngeni
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