Tufbag River Team

Situated in the majestic Msunduzi river valley this community-driven need for change resulted in a partnership between local residents, Adopt a River, and caring corporate Tufbag.

A team of 8 members was selected and have been operating in the Mkhambathini Municipality area since December 2020.

Dealing mainly with disposable nappy dump sites and illegal dumping the team also removes the solid waste that makes its way down river after each rain.

We are finding that community engagement and education is having a significant impact as the team connects with local schools and creches and runs ‘door-to-door’ campaigns.

Working hand in hand with local leaders, the municipality and community is bringing about meaningful change.

We are about to embark on a natural pit toilet treatment campaign together with Nu-Eco and hope to change behaviour and mindset for the health of the community and the environment and for our WATER.

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