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A Captain Fanplastic leader with a group of smiling learners at one of their School Programmes.

About Us

The Captain Fanplastic programme incorporates theory, creativity and gamification to create a wholesome programme that invites learners into a world of learning and doing. With this programme we hope to foster a new sense of environmental custodianship in future generations.

Educating young children about how to live with an environmental mind-set is crucial to turn the tide on waste and its destructive results on water systems and eco systems. By sponsoring this programme you contribute to keeping our communities, rivers, beaches and oceans clean and healthy, for this and the next generation.

The Captain Fanplastic programme at schools contributes to increasing environmental literacy at a vital developmental stage for grade 4 - 6 learners. Get involved today!

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Our School Package

Your school can be part of an international environmental literacy programme that teaches learners about the impact of plastic pollution on their natural heritage, how to repurpose & recycle plastic and how to live a conscious life. Your company can sponsor a school.

How we do it?


'The Legend'

Reading the book The Legend of Captain Fanplastic and bringing the graphic illustrations to life on screen.


'Plastic Ahoy'

Teaching the learners what plastic litter is, the impact it has and how to recognise what to recycle and where. As part of the learning process the 3 R’s are discussed.



Making their own Captain Fanplastic eye-patch and Fin the Turtle gives learners the practical experience of how to re-use plastic in a creative way.


'Treasure Hunt'

Using treasure maps that document what trash is found, they learn through action as they playfully clean-up around the school’s location, or at a designated off-site venue.


'Treasure Bin'

Research has shown the barriers to recycling include apathy, lack of space or facilities and lack of education. We aim to address these issues by installing recycling (treasure) bins at the school.

A group of School learners having fun at a Captain Fanplastic School Programme!

Get your school involved now!

Every year 8 million kg of plastic ends up in our oceans due to land- based activities (only 7.1% of waste is currently recycled in South Africa). By sponsoring The Captain Fanplastic programme at schools your company contributes to increasing environmental literacy at a vital developmental stage for grade 4 - 6 learners.

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