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Adopt a River Eco Solutions is a registered non-profit working in the river and environmental space. Based mainly in KZN, we do have ties and connections to like-minded groups in other provinces and are currently expanding our reach to other parts of the country. Our aim is to partner with individuals, corporates and agencies who share the desire to work, and want to create lasting sustainable differences to the environments in which we operate.

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Meet AdoptaBeach, where we help connect communities committed to keeping our beaches clean. Our main objective is to spark movements within communities, uniting and bringing people together once a month to keep their beaches clean. We work together with our generous sponsors to provide you with all the necessary equipment that you will need. Adopt a Beach today!

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Our latest initiative, focused on targeting waste at source. A unique advertising opportunity for corporates all while cleaning and clearing our streets, parks and storm water drains. Watch out for our uniquely adapted waste trolley and friendly cleaner rolling around your community.

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Captain Fanplastic is an educational programme that teaches learners about the impact of plastic pollution on marine life and the value of recycling, not only in cleaning up the environment but also because of the uses that repurposed plastic has. Your company can be part of a global CSR programme that changes the perception children have about littering in order to instill positive behaviour change.

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Adopt a River SA team collecting rubbish from the uMngeni River with a Kayak.

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Join the fight to create a brighter future for our communities and environment through donating or becoming our newest sponsor. Any and every contribution means the world to us!

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Adopt a River works tirelessly towards creating a brighter future through making our rivers and beaches clean and safe.



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