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Is a passionate non-profit dedicated to making a difference in our waterways.

    We work together with local communities, for the environment.

    We work with caring corporates and engage all stakeholders in an effort to find sustainable solutions to a complex, multi-faceted water crisis.

    We focus on community-based solutions to the myriad of river health issues we face. We understand that each river, each stretch, each community is different and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is not going to work.

    What we do

    We facilitate partnerships between corporate, government, and community role players for the benefit of our waterways in South Africa:

      • Everything is multi-dimensional and there are layers that need to be unpacked to understand how to fix a system first.
      • We understand that Networking and forging relationships with key stakeholders is crucial for sustainability.
      • We primarily focus on grassroots level as a first approach, so working from bottom up, and empowering communities to think critically and hold authorities to account for the state of their environment.
      • Our ultimate goal is to improve the health of the environment and in doing so, the health of the people who depend on it.
      • This often entails 'tackling the insurmountable' and recognising the complexity of the socio-ecological space.

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      Amanzi Ethu Nobuntu Team

      Amanzi Ethu Nobuntu Team

      We were proud to be part of this pilot initiative. A project funded mainly by the Department Of Science & Innovation and managed by DUCT....

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      Tufbag River Team

      Tufbag River Team

      Situated in the majestic Msunduzi river valley this community-driven need for change resulted in a partnership between local residents, Adopt a...

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      It is our collective and individual responsibility… to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live.

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