Seeing an opportunity and being the change.

Your contribution goes towards a multitude of items that enable us to make a difference. Below are 3 of the main areas in which your donation will make a difference.


The successful completion of any task requires the necessary resources. Our needs are as diverse as the envionments in which we work. From bags to bikes, tools to time. Every contribution is significant.


Not only are we making a difference in the environment, but we are making a difference in peoples lives. Sustainable job creation and capacity building are key to the success of our initiatives.

Water Sampling

We've joined forces with Talbot Laboratories to sample our water ways and seas. Providing you the public with credible information about the quality and safety of our water.

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Help change lives and create a brighter future for our environment and community by sponsoring a team or becoming one of our partners. Learn more by clicking one of the buttons below.

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Adopt a River works tirelessly towards creating a brighter future through making our rivers and beaches clean and safe.



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